Your next is your now


The Lord says, your next is your now. Watch in the present tense what I Am enacting for your future that starts now and takes you up and into that which is actually of your future. Your future starts now, says the Lord, and it will be a process that will be unfolding daily over time. It is your now season, declares the Lord!
Scripture for the day – Psalm 105:40-45, Psalm 111:4-6, Psalm 2:8, and Isaiah 14:2.

The Lord says, you will not perish like the rest of them, but you live to declare My works and to do My will in the earth. When the scourge comes through, I will preserve you and keep you and keep your foot from being taken in the great deluge when it comes. In due time, you will see that you have My favor, and you will know that I have kept you alive for My purposes, says the Lord your God!
Scripture for the day – Nahum 1:1-6, mainly Verse 5, Isaiah 64:1-3, Isaiah 2:2, and Micah 4:1.


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