You will vomit unlawful riches or advantage- Archbishop Charles Agyinasare


The founder of Perez Dome Archbishop Charles Agyinasare made very profound statements last Sunday, June 26, 2022 worthy of note especially Ghanaians that you will vomit riches or wealth you unlawfully acquired or swallowed.

He quoted Job 20:15- ‘They will vomit the wealth they swallowed. God won’t let them keep it down’.

Check the link below;

‘Anybody who swallowed our riches will vomit. Judges who wrongly judge for money will vomit. Journalist who take money to do wrong stories will vomit it.

Soldiers and policemen who violently take what belongs to other people will vomit it.

Chiefs who sell same parcel of land to multiple people will vomit it

Pastors who that take money that the church did not give them will vomit it.

Those who intentionally prevent other people from their daily bread because of politics or position will vomit it.

Doctors who take money and not deliver proper care will vomit it.

Lawyers who take advantage of their clients will vomit it.

Ghana Revenue Authourity (GRA)officials who intentionally slap taxes to get people out of business will vomit it.

Ordinary people who work for other people and steal from them will vomit it’.

He explained that the vomit could mean you get strange diseases that  may send you to your your early grave or your descendants getting incurable diseases which includes mental disability’. Sicknesses that do not normally kill people will kill you.


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