You are launched into something new


The Lord God says, you have nothing to fear, because I always make a way for My chosen. You have been chosen to bear My Name and demonstrate great things among the people and the nations, says the Lord! Scripture for the day – Nehemiah 4:9.

The Lord says, your process is coming to an end and your training and development and testing is coming to an end, and you will finally be launched into something new and something greater, but I will be the source of your success and not man, says the Lord! For some of you your process has been long and hard, but it produced a muscle of faith in you that cannot be easily shaken or broken, and the Lord took you through this long process to develop you and to deliver others. You have to go through many things so that you can speak from a place of experience when you speak and minister to others that will need to be set free from the chains and the captivity of the evil one and from evildoers. This is your season to advance, and the Lord says this will be a season of incredible rewards for you. Your public shame will be replaced with public praise, fame, and honor that comes from the Lord only. Look at John 5:44, Micah 4:6-13, Zephaniah 3:18-20, Psalm 126:1-6, and John 16:20-24.
Scripture for the day – Luke 10:18-19, Ezekiel 28:8-19, mainly Verse 13, Ezekiel 31:16-18, Isaiah 14:12-25, Nahum 1:13, and Isaiah 10:27. ( The Lord will break that Pharaoh Spirit, that Egyptian Spirit, that Assyrian Spirit, and the effect of that Tyrus Spirit from off of your life in this season, and that evil principality, that evil prince, will fall down and die in this season. See Isaiah 14:3-11.)


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