US plans to send Patriot air defense missiles to Ukraine


Ukraine has been requesting additional air defense support for some time as Russian strikes continue to kill civilians and cause major power outages. American media reported on US plans to send Patriot air defense missiles to Ukraine. President Joe Biden could announce his plans soon, sources said.

The Patriot is one of the most advanced US air defense systems, but supplies to Ukraine will likely be limited. Once the move is approved, the system is expected to be delivered in the coming days, with Ukrainian soldiers trained in its use at the US Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany, officials said.

The patriot system is a legitimate target for Russia’s attack, the Kremlin said on Wednesday. The news comes after explosions recently rocked the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, amid a spate of attacks from Russia. Moscow has repeatedly attacked Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since October. Recently, Moscow and Iran have had military and defense alliance, sources say.

Ukraine has been asking the US for more air defense support for months. All reasons why this decision was not swift, and Ukraine’s initial request for patriots were ignored. But Iran’s threat to supply Russia with long-range ballistic missiles is changing the equation.

The Washington Post reported in 2017 that each missile costs around $3 million (£2.4 million), in fact, the Patriot is described as America’s most advanced air defense system


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