The Ordeal of Diabetics



Diabetes is simply talking about the level of the glucose or sugar in the blood when it goes higher than normal.

There 2 types of Diabetes

Type I diabetes is hereditary incline and is sometimes called Juvenile or Insulin dependent diabetes. A relative or parents can automatically transfer it to younger ones.

Type II – one gets this type of diabetes from eating behavioural patterns, that is consumption of foods that contain lots of sugar/glucose or refined products often.

Dieticians advise that those suffering from diabetes eat legumes, vegetables, whole grain. Potatoes, mushrooms, nopal, onion, avocado and other fruits excluding pineapples,

Diabetics are also recommended to either reduce or stop the consumption of sugary food such as sugar itself, refined baked goods, honey, saturated fat, chocolate, milk, salt, meat, alcoholic beverage, etc.


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