Changing your career is alright. We all need Change at some point in time. But, for an artist to change from acting or rapping to “Evangelism” or “Work of God” is not an easy decision.

Even more difficult is when the artist declares himself or herself “Born-Again”. Globally, an appreciable number of artists at a point in time has taken a bold step toward the change.

In Ghana, we have also witnessed such bold steps. We can readily mention names like Magid Michel, who become a pastor. Ofori Amponsah did the same but later reverted. And there are others who didn’t totally change their career but claim that they are also doing the “Work of God” in their own way.

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Very often, the public holds the view that that artiste will soon return to their earlier form of business.

One such artist who made the bold step and has remained steadfast till now is the then Rap Heavyweight Champion, Lord Kenya. Lord Kenya became born again more than a decade ago. A section of the public raised eyebrows, but more than a decade down the line, he is still going strong.

In an interview with Showbiz, the born again rapper had this to share, “By the grace of God it has been humbling, with good experiences and all, the one who called me has kept me going. This is just the beginning, I know my journey will be more than that. The grace of God is what has kept me, there are rules and regulations to guide us in whatever we do but it is very important to know that we serve God first, others and ourselves. When you don’t do what God has asked you to do, you die, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”, he added.

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He revealed that the youth are under attack. And that they need to be on their feet and seek the face of God. “The youth is under attack, you have to stand against anything the Bible is against especially fake men of God. Don’t sell your soul for little things, don’t let them take you for granted. When you honour God, God will honour you”.


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