Tarkwa Water Project: Parliament Approves a Loan facility


Parliament approved a €74.1 million loan agreement for buyers of the Tarkwa water supply project.The amount consists of  65 million Euros for commercial contracts and a related Credendo premium of 9.1 million Euros for Belgian export credit guarantees.

KBC Bank NV and Commerzbank AG (as the first arranger and creditor) and KBC Bank NV were involved.

The project aims to expand access to drinking water for residents of Tarkwa and surrounding communities by expanding the capacity of the existing Bonsa water supply system and increasing access to surrounding communities such as Bonsa/Bonsaso, Bankyem, Charliekrom, Efuanta, Kwabedu Agon Vasau and Nsuta.

The others are Tamso, Fanti Mines, Senyaekurase, Akyempem, Simpa, Dompin-Papase, Brofroyedu, Atoabo, Aboso, University of Mines and Technology and other settlements.

The project will increase the capacity of the existing water supply system from 2.8 m3/day  to 27,000 m3/day to meet the current demand of 15,000 m3/day and Planned Needs to meet community water needs in 2040.

The project is expected to be completed in 36 months, with a warranty period of 12 months from the delivery of each complete item to the customer.


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