Our Policies

Editorial Independence

  • Donors and sponsors do not influence our editorial decisions
  • Donors and sponsors do not view work prior to publication
  • Our board of directors does not have editorial discretion
  • We do not endorse the products, services and opinions of those who support us financially

Financial Transparency

  • We disclose any donor who provides funds in excess of $2,500
  • View an up-to-date list of major funders here
  • We do not accept funding from sources that present a conflict of interest
  • We do not accept funding from sources who may compromise our independence

Ethical Reporting

  • We abide by the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics
  • View the SPJ Code of Ethics here
  • We may publish rigorously verified information provided to us by confidential sources whose identities are known to us
  • We clearly disclose any potential conflicts of interest
  • We promptly address errors in our reporting and issue clear corrections