“You and I were not there”, this has been a popular quote some few years ago when Ghana was in court over election results. It appears that the same quote will be helpful here as “you and I were not there” when the accusations and counter-accusations started between Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy,  leading to their break up.

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But, every moment we chance upon either of them, new revelations appear. And when “E with Becks” chanced upon Shatta Michy, new revelations were made. In the interview, Shatta Michy revealed that breaking up with Shatta Wale was a blessing in disguise.

“The moral of the experience I have gone through was to know that at the top, at the bottom, you keep going. I have been motivated by this situation much more than I ever was. I have been motivated to do proper things. I can say it was a blessing in disguise for me. It is a Blessing in Disguise.” Michy disclosed.

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According to Shatta Michy, after leaving Shatta Wale she has been transformed totally and has been able to set up her new food joint ‘Chopuis’ bought a house and set-up a new Skin Care line called ‘Glamorous by Michy’. Shatta Michy revealed that she had to run away from Shatta Wale without her belongings because the situation was unbearable.

“Is like after the proposal it got worse.it was unbearable. What you guys do not know is I literally run and left my clothes. I did not carry ‘Chalewote’.I did not carry one outfit, one dress. Not a wig, slippers. I was in a bathroom robe, my son was in boxers. Nobody knows this. I am tired of being made to look like everything was good and nothing happened and I just got up and left. For me to run without my clothes. It was an unbearable situation.” Michy emphasized.

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Michy disclosed that she has no regrets quitting and she is not bitter about it. She insisted that she is a happy person now and she counts the break up as a blessing in disguise.

She was however quick to add that although they have broken up, she is happy for Shatta Wale and where he has reached.

 “This man is living his dream and nothing can stop him. I won’t try it, nobody should try to stop him. The public should stop their criticisms and “let him live”, she added.

Diamond Michelle better is known as Shatta Michy dated Shatta Wale for some time. They have a son. But, unresolved issues between them led to their break-up.

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