Important Tips for Relationship and Marriage


1. Do not allow your family or friends to destroy your marriage or relationship. It is your marriage. Don’t be pushed to make any decisions or take any actions that will hurt your marriage. Be in full control of your marriage. No family member or friend will bear the effects of a divorce like you do.

2.Be supportive of your spouse’s pursuits in life. Don’t specialise in always only pointing out why the pursuit will fail. Be positive. If the dream will die, let reality kill it, but not your discouragement. Don’t be a dream killer because no one wants dream killers around him or her.

3.It is not healthy to habour a strong desire to be better than your spouse in any way. You are together as a couple to support each other to achieve your common goals and not to compete against each other. As a couple, you are a team, and therefore, your spouse’s win should be your win.

4.The golden rule in relationship and marriage is to love your partner as he or she wants to be loved. Every individual has a specific expression of love that most excites him or her. To someone, it is receiving gifts. To another, it is getting attention. Identify the expressions of love that most exite your partner and focus on offering it to make the most impact.

5.When your spouse sacrifices his or her energy, time, wisdom, or money to perform roles in the home including undertaking house chores, training children, or paying bills, don’t take it for granted or regard it as normal. Show gratitude to make your spouse feel that his or her sacrifices are valued, and this will make he or she joyfully do more.