Last Sunday,22nd September 2019, Nana Ama McBrown attended 2019 edition of Women in Worship at Action Chapel, Dome. In this program, Nana Ama had opportunity to testify of her marriage and childlessness struggle.

In the testimony, the beautiful actress shared her ordeal about childlessness in marriage. She added that she was an object of public ridicule and mockery and that she received doses of insults for soo many years even before and during marriage, but in her tears, she used to pray to God for mercy and pregnancy. Her sorrowful testimony made the thousands of people gathered at Women in Worship programme share tears too.

“…I have wept in my marriage, I have really suffered… marrying without a child is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone, for those who are still struggling and crying as I did, God will grant your wish…” she added.
Please watch the video below;

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Video Source: Youtube

Before the beautiful actress shared her testimony at Women Worship programme at Action Chapel sighted a video of her birthday where she shared tears of her childlessness ordeal in marriage on 15 August 2019. Nana Ama McBrown Agyemang was crying whiles sharing her story.

In our part of the world, childlessness is a taboo seemingly. Especially after one or two years of marriage and there is no news of pregnancy from married couples, then ridicules, pressures from family, friend and people you least suspect will rear their ugly heads. In other words, you are regarded as a useless, worthless and valueless person in society. The actions and inactions of people you least suspect like close friends and some of your church members, colleagues at the workplaces may make you weep and psychologically make you feel that your world has come to an end. However, people have failed to understand that children are gifts from the Lord and that God gives children at his own time. People who are suffering childlessness through no fault of theirs should take a queue from Nana Ama’s testimony and pray for a miracle. According to Nana Ama, she had been glamouring for becoming pregnant and given birth for about 20 years before God granted her one.

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