People who have a passion for football especially EPL and Champions League were shocked to the core by UEFA’s decision to ban Manchester City from participating in all UEFA competitions for two seasons in a roll for flouting Financial Fair Play(FFP) rule.

The picture of Manchester City Manager, Pep Guardiola

The club is yet to make an official statement on whether they accept the decision taken by UEFA or will an appeal to either overturn their decision or lighten the burden.
But has it stands now, the club’s chances of winning an appeal are very slim since the club has been at the center of financial fair play saga since the club’s take over by billionaire Sheikh Mansour.

This shades a number of huge problems over the club in the coming seasons.

Effect of the Ban
1. Loss of star players

One of the star players, Aguero

Over the years, City has been very staunch on their decision to keep star players from top clubs by offering players lucrative contracts to wade off competition from Europe’s elite clubs. But the ban is set to pose a new challenge to the club concerning holding on to some star players.
Without a champions league football, it will be difficult for the club to hold on to some of its current stars.
Last season, Leroy Sane nearly made a switch to his country’s club Bayern Munich but the deal collapsed due to an injury during the summer. With the Citizen now facing a two-season ban from the Champions League, the player will have a move idle reason to exit the club next season.
Also keeping star players like Raheem Sterling, Kelvin De Bruyne and others will be very difficult for the club with a champions league football for the next two seasons.

2. Replacing current stars
It seems evidently clear that the EPL title will elude the citizens as the Liverpool FC are leading them by 22 points margin.
As some elite players in the club are on their way out of the club with the likes of David Silva and Leroy Sane being possible candidates to leave the club next season, getting a top replacement could be difficult. Top players are attracted to big clubs.
Currently, it is no doubt that the club is in need of at least one center half, a left-back and winger. It was also rumoured that a new striker is on Pep’s wish list.
But it is going be very difficult to earn the signature of top players across Europe without a champion league football for the next two seasons unless the club is willing to pay very huge monies to secure the signature of these players.

The club will now be forced to offer bumper and lucrative deals to new players in terms of wages in other to make it attractive to secure top players.

3. Financial Loss
Not only do clubs benefit from participation fees or prize money for winning the competition, but clubs also gain financial benefits through sponsorships and commercial deals due to their participation in the competition.
Though a £25 million fine will not have any serious effect on the finances of the Citizens, a ban from Champions League will.
Football experts are predicting that the club will be losing close to £150 million every year due to failure for not participating in the Champions League.
This will cause the club’s finances to come down during the period of the ban. Also, UEFA will pay more attention to the club’s accounts as they wish to strengthen their squad especially without this major financial gains from champions league participation.

4. Pep Guardiola’s Future
Many are predicting that the possibility of Pep leaving the club is very high now that the club is facing a UEFA Champions league ban.
Before the ban, the manager had repeatedly insisted that he will honour his contract which ends in 2021 with one of his reasons owing to the fact that he wants to win the Champions League with the club.
Without a Champions league football for the next two seasons, Pep’s Manchester City has only this season to fulfill the manager’s wish.
The club faces 12 times champions Real Madrid in the round of 16. An early exit from the competition implies Pep’s early exit since the manager will not have any other opportunity to compete for the title again till the end of his contract at the club.


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