Names are powerful. Our Elders say they have everlasting effects on you. As an artist, your name is even as powerful and important as your talents. An artist’s name is a powerful Brand. Select the wrong one and you are doomed. Several celebrities have changed their names at one time in their careers. Celebrities like “Tic Tac” was changed to “Tic”. But, where do artists and actors and other celebrities get their names from?.

We knew him as “Bandana”. In those days in Secondary Schools, Bandana used to entertain us with his songs. You are bound to hear him mention it in his popular introduction lyrics… “Bandana from Ghana…” Today, he is better known as “Shatta Wale”. This name was coined and made public after his travel abroad. In his return, Bandana had been changed to “Shatta Wale”.

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Picture: ghafla

A name well branded and currently undoubtedly the commonest household name by any artist in Ghana. But, where did this name, “Shatta Wale” comes from?

One personality is here to help. And it’s no other than Mr. Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known in entertainment circles as Mr. Logic. The Showbiz critic and President of the Songwriters Association of Ghana have disclosed that he gave Shatta Wale his name. According to Mr. Logic, it was he who recommended to Shatta Wale to change his name from Bandana to Shatta Wale.

This revelation was made during an interview on an Accra-based radio station. In a chat on “Daybreak Hitz”, Mr. Logic revealed that “Shatter was Bandana and whenever he sang he used the Wale name. He already had the Shatta Movement. So I recommended he used both names, he had another name aside from the Bandana which was vibrant on the street but prior to his comeback recently, he mentioned Shatta Wale in his hit song Dancehall King, it sounded so well to me so I recommended it to him which he accepted and that has been his trademark name.” he disclosed.

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“I believe in names because as an artist or an individual, names matter so much, Mr. Logic emphasized. And So, the name “Shatta Wale”!


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