God Factor



The Lord says, they don’t know the God factor in your life and how I move for you when to them it looks like all hope is lost and there is no other way for you. By what they see at times they count you out, but in the God factor is how I move when your back is against the wall and things are against you at all odds. Sometimes I allow things to be done to come at you just so you can see Me move on your behalf and just so that it can build your faith, but no weapon formed against you will prosper, declares the Lord God!

The Lord says, do not be misled by these last days, there are finer times in the midst of Antichrist tampering. Look for My Hand, and you will see My Plan, says the Lord!
Scripture for the day – Matthew 13:53-58, Hebrews 3:19, Hebrews 4:2, Romans 3:3-4, Isaiah 42:21, and Jeremiah 1:11-12.


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