Branding is a powerful tool in a person’s life. And in the life of artists, Branding is very very crucial. Every artist has a very special “thing” about him or her that adds to their brands.

There is a tall list of that “thing” that brands an artist. An artist’s branding can take the form of their dressing/fashion, lyrics, flow, hairstyle, name.. etc.. etc..

Take an artist like Manifest’s fashion and English rap style. Then look critically at Wanlov or Wiyaala. Brands can make or un-make you. Some name brands are now household names. Others are struggling.

One such Ghanaian artist who has insisted on twi-rapping as part of his brand is Sarkodie. There were times that the public insisted that Sarkodie must rap in English.

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But little did those critics knew about Sarkodie’s secretive twi-flow brand. And to emphasize this, the rapper has come clear again about his twi-rap style. The rapper has disclosed that he is not ready to rap in English and that is why he had to work on his flow and his delivery.

He revealed that that style has gotten more people attracted to his music. Responding to questions on Okay Africa about his award on the “Best International Flow” at the BET Awards, he said.“That was like a stamp. I just knew that I had to work on my flow and my delivery. Since I’m not ready to rap in English or any other language for anybody to understand, I need to know that I have to strengthen something else that will make people attracted to the music. So I definitely work on my flow.”

“I was able to take over Africa, and now finally I think we are moving to the world and a lot of people are open to music. That night just gave me a reason to set goals for myself and believe in something—and stand by it for as long as it may take to accomplish. That night just gave me that thought: that whatever I think about, is actually possible to achieve. I was definitely proud of myself”, he added.

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