E-levy so far falls extremely below government target-Gabby Otchere Darko


Before and after the passage of e-levy many Ghanaians greeted it with so much dislike and antagonism, it is no surprise that Ghanaians are not patronizing as expected. Many citizens expressed the fact that there other ways to collect revenue that may not be inimical other than the e-levy.

”What options are open to the government? The question should rather be: what option, if adopted, will re-inject investor confidence in our economy?. Even if we find the $3-5 billion required, will that help? E-levy which was to have given us some 600m by now has done less than 60m”, Gabby Otchere-Darko tweets last Monday, June,27,2022.

Many Ghanaians said toll booth should be brought back at the expense of e-levy. At least toll booth brought Ghana revenue in the region of GhC70m a month amidst some employment for some disable people. If what Gabby is positing is true then toll booth was better. I am of the view that both taxes could not be collected in tendon; either toll booth or e-levy.

Let see what the future unfolds with respect to e-levy.


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