Divorce is preventable


Divorce is not a desirable venture, it is difficult to avoid at certain situations. However, it can be avoided by both spouses. It takes two to make the marriage stand the test of time. For the marriage to stand on its oars the observance of the following may help.

Divorce is preventable if the following could be taken into consideration-

  1. Married couples must learn to resolve their conflicts. Married couples must invite a good tried and tested third party only after they could not resolve themselves a number of times.
  2. Effective communication. Without communication do not expect people to live peacefully. Opening up is critical in communication. Don’t assume your spouse knows what you are thinking without communication. There must be communication in sex, child upbringing, economic management of the home and property acquisition.
  3. Sharing of responsibilities and authority may help. Agreement on that is paramount.
  4. Don’t assume your spouse is perfect. There is no perfect marriage or relationship, however, the parties must be ready to sacrifice and adjust for success.
  5. No sexual starvation- Sexual satisfaction must be achieved for all. Each couple in the marriage must be satisfied sexually.
  6. The marriage should be spiced with romance- the touches, gestures, sweat words, pegs, compliment, etc. Romance may not necessary be sex but may lead to sex at an appropriate time.




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