On Monday, 9th December 2019, the Western Regional Coordinating Council was visited by the Western Regional executives of the Convention People’s Party who were accompanied by some regional executives of the New Patriotic Party where the Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko had interactions and discussions with them.

The aim of the deliberations was to promote, enhance and entrenched already established relation that has existed amongst the political parties in the region. Hon Kwabena Okyere-Darko, Western regional Minister and MP for Takoradi intimated that “he strongly holds the view, as many also do that, political party differences is not a recipe for local, regional or national instability but rather an avenue to proffer unity through different ideological standpoint in governance. Indeed, it was a welcomed visit which we cherish as we seek to strengthen political party engagement in the Western Region. We thank the Regional Executives of our party, the NPP who were present at the WRCC”.

Political parties should not see themselves as enemies, but as brothers and sisters who see themselves as belonging to different groups. The existence of political parties in Ghana should not bring tension and acrimony, the competition amongst them should be healthy. The competition amongst political parties in Ghana should be hinged on patriotism, peace, integrity, and mutual respect. No meaningful Ghanaian expects to see what happened at Awaso Wuogon Election to rear its ugly head as we head towards 2020 general elections. Elections should be out of violence. One expects that the recommendations postulated by the Emile Short’s Committee on Awaso Wuogon Election would be taken to heart and implemented by the powers that be to forestall future occurrences.
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