This refers to the inability of someone to excrete fecal matter. This is because the fecal matter is hard enough not to come out even though attempts are made by the affected person.

Causes of Constipation

  1. An improper diet with an inadequate intake of water
  2. When you have a habit of not defecating at a time that you feel to
  3. Lack of physical exercise
  4. Improper use of a laxative. This brings about inflammation in the intestinal mucosa, which results in desensitizing it to normal stimuli.


  1. Eat a diet with lots of fiber; garden eggs, other vegetables and fruits like pawpaw, orange, apple, etc.
  2. Respond to natures’ call. When you have the urge to defecate just respond to it, do not wait for a long time.
  3. Enough physical exercise necessary to stimulate the reflex to defecate.
  4. You alternatively take the right dose of laxative when you are constipated.
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