Boris Johnson Resigns, acts as a Caretaker PM


Johnson told Cabinet his priority was “to continue to meet the commitments of the Manifesto and to ensure the government is on the side of the public on energy, transport and housing spending and everything that matters to them.” “He made it clear that the government would not seek to implement new policies… He said major budget decisions should be left to the next prime minister.”

The cabinet has been confirmed and Boris Johnson will act as the “caretaker” prime minister, a newly appointed cabinet member said.

Robert Buckland told BBC Newsnight that the Prime Minister would lead a cabinet that would ensure the day-to-day work of the government is carried out “efficiently and smoothly”.

Asked about the report, which first appeared in the Daily Mirror and Bloomberg, spokesman Number 10 said: “The Prime Minister has a strong sense of duty and will continue to serve his country until a new leader is elected, only to continue his duty to society.”

Boris Johnson has stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party. But he plans to follow the convention by remaining prime minister until the Conservative Party elects a new leader


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