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Unveiling Acadiana’s Performing Arts Scene: AcA’s NXT Series

What’s next at Acadiana Center for the Arts? Embark into the heart of local creativity with the NXT Series, presented by Rader, where AcA teams up with the brightest stars on Acadiana’s horizon.

At the core of AcA’s NXT Series is a commitment to supporting the growth of Acadiana’s performing artists, particularly those at the onset of their careers. Acadiana Center for the Arts provides a professional setting where the selected NXT artists can develop and showcase their work.

For these artists, the opportunity is transformative. They gain access to AcA’s expertise and top-tier facilities of the James Devin Moncus Theater. This support isn’t just about a single show; it’s about empowering artists to expand their vision and realize their dreams.

Woman sings into microphone next a graphic that reads NXT Series

And now it's your turn — applications are open for the 2025 NXT Series! Whether you’re a musician, dancer, thespian, or something in between, this could be your moment to shine. Selected artists will collaborate with AcA to develop, market, budget, and execute a live production in AcA's James Devin Moncus Theater. Submit your application on AcA’s website by June 3  to be considered for the 2025 season. 

Experience the NXT series by attending a show. Mark your calendars for June 13, when Kid Charleroi & Noa Jamir will transport you to a world of chill-rock bliss. A kaleidoscope of sound and color, this performance explores themes of longing, nostalgia, relationships, and self.

AcA’s NXT series is a celebration of creativity and a rewarding avenue to support local emerging artists. Your ticket to the future of Acadiana’s arts scene awaits!