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Take Action: Defend Louisiana’s Workers’ Compensation Balance

As the legislative session progresses in Louisiana, our workers’ compensation system—the very bedrock of worker protection—is confronted with serious challenges. A number of bills that propose to strip away critical protections for our state’s injured workers could have dire consequences for those dependent on these vital benefits.

The essence of Louisiana’s workers' compensation system lies in its balanced and fair approach, forged from historic compromises that benefit all involved parties. This balanced approach is now at risk from a spate of new bills that could significantly undermine the security of injured workers.

The guiding principle of workers’ compensation is a clear trade-off: workers give up the right to sue employers for pain, suffering, and full lost wages. In return, they are entitled to expedited compensation for injuries sustained on the job. This exchange is not only a means of providing for the injured but is also a strategic approach to promoting safer workplaces by holding employers accountable.

The proposed legislation threatens to destabilize this system by discouraging medical professionals from treating workers’ compensation patients, potentially causing injured workers to suffer from inadequate care and prolonged recovery. The shift of the financial burden to taxpayers could increase reliance on public resources like charitable hospitals, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security Disability, heavily taxing these critical infrastructures.

The potential impact of these bills is alarming. They represent a stark deviation from a longstanding pact that has safeguarded the healing and return to work for countless employees. A future where injured workers lack necessary medical treatment and financial support is not just an individual concern but a societal one, affecting overall workplace safety.

At The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, we are committed to supporting Louisiana's workforce. We urge you to stand with us: contact your legislators, express your reservations, and reject any legislation that threatens to dismantle our reliable workers’ compensation system.