Council Preview: Panhandling and spoil banks funds top City’s to-do list

Here is a selection of items on the agendas for this week’s meetings of the City and Parish councils. To see the full agendas, check out the links below:

Special Joint Meeting


Annual Audit. Auditors from Kolder, Slaven and Co. will present their findings from Lafayette Consolidated Government’s annual financial report to the City and Parish councils in a special joint meeting Tuesday. The councils aren’t set to take action, but will hear from auditors about a number of issues identified in the fiscal year 2023 report, which was released in April. 

Lafayette 101
ACFR (Annual Comprehensive Financial Report)

When it comes to LCG’s finances, most public attention is on the budget. Don’t overlook the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), which is an audited annual record of LCG’s income and expenses. The budget is a plan. The ACFR is what happened. Check out all of LCG’s annual reports here. 

Parish Council

Final Adoption

Juvenile Justice. The Parish Council will vote Tuesday on an ordinance allowing the Office of Juvenile Justice to lease some 8,700 square feet of office space at LCG’s War Memorial Building on Jefferson Street and Pinhook Road for the OJJ’s Louisiana Multi-Agency Resource Center, which aims to divert at-risk youth from the juvenile justice system.


No significant items. 

City Council

Reports & Discussions

Panhandling. Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux is asking the City Council to discuss local law enforcement’s approach to panhandling in the city, which was a recurring issue under former Mayor-President Josh Guillory. Last year, LCG paid $42,000 to settle a federal lawsuit against the city police department over arrests made for panhandling, which is protected by the Constitution.

Storm Outages. Councilwoman Liz Hebert is requesting an update on power outages from LUS after recent storms pushed through the area impacting local power distribution.

Final Adoption

No significant items. 


Webb Coulee detention. Mayor-President Monique Blanco Boulet’s administration is asking the City Council to make a public necessity declaration for a detention pond along the Webb Coulee by Pa Davis Park on land in a floodway. The ordinance would allow LCG to buy the land or expropriate it, if necessary, from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette.

Spoil banks money. Boulet’s administration is also asking the City Council to accept defeat on getting $1.5 million in state reimbursements for Guillory’s 2022 Vermilion River spoil banks removal. The funds have long been seen as a lost cause as the $3.7 million caper ran afoul of federal, state and local laws, prompting multiple lawsuits that Boulet’s administration has largely resolved.

Joint Items

Final Adoption

Uninsured losses. After closing the books on the past fiscal year, LCG is accounting for an extra $1.1 million in uninsured losses, typically through lawsuits, settlements and other non-budgeted expenses. City coffers will take the bulk of the hit, about $850,000, largely thanks to workers compensation and car accident claims. 

Environmental center. Boulet’s administration is asking the City and Parish councils to approve an additional $1.4 million for Lafayette Consolidated Government’s new Environmental Quality Convenience Center (debris drop off facility) after nixing a $1.7 million request in April. Bids for the Dugas Road project came back higher than expected last year, and the new move would raise the project’s budget from $1.2 million to $2.7 million, all of which would come from LCG’s environmental quality fund, which relies on revenue from garbage collection fees in the city and parish.


No significant items. 


521 Cedar Crest CourtCity CouncilRezoning from Residential Single-Family (RS-1) to Residential Mixed (RM-1) for a short-term rental [Intro]
226 Irene CircleCity CouncilRezoning from Residential Single-Family (RS-1) to Residential Mixed (RM-1) for a short-term rental [Intro]
515 Cedar Crest CourtCity CouncilRezoning from Residential Single-Family (RS-1) to Residential Mixed (RM-1) for a short-term rental [Intro]
1803 W University Ave.City CouncilConditional Use Permit for a
convenience store with gas in a Commercial Mixed (CM-1) zone [Intro]
700 Block Acadian Hills Lane City CouncilRezoning from Commercial-Heavy (CH) to Industrial-Light (IL) [Intro]
108 Dua LaneCity CouncilRezoning from Commercial-
Heavy (CH) to Commercial Mixed (CM-1) [Intro]
107 Susan St.City CouncilRezoning from Residential Single-
Family (RS-1) to Public/Institutional Light (PI-L) [Intro]
2416 N University Ave.City CouncilRezoning from Agricultural and Commercial Mixed (CM-1) to Residential Single-Family (RS-1) [Intro]
200 Peter
City CouncilCondemnation [Intro]
Byron St.
City CouncilCondemnation [Intro]
226 Anne
City CouncilCondemnation [Intro]
408 Saint
John St.
City CouncilCondemnation [Intro]
Planned council actions related to property, such as rezonings, annexations and disposition of adjudicated properties


Lafayette Parish Waterworks District South BoardParish CouncilMust reside within district boundaries
Teche-Vermilion Freshwater DistrictParish CouncilNone listed
Industrial Development BoardParish CouncilNone listed
Lafayette Airport CommissionParish CouncilMust reside in Lafayette Parish's unincorporated area
Board of Zoning AdjustmentCity CouncilNone listed
Fire and Police Civil Service BoardCity CouncilNone listed
Heymann Performing Arts Center and Frem F. Boustany Convention Center BoardCity CouncilNone listed
City Planning and Zoning CommissionCity CouncilNone listed
Lafayette Metropolitan Expressway CommissionJoint councilsNone listed
Applicants must be registered voters and residents of Lafayette Parish. Resumes should be sent to [email protected] by noon, Tuesday, June 18.


Parish Planning and Zoning CommissionParish CouncilBenjamin J. Richard
City Planning and Zoning CommissionCity CouncilRoger D. Lehman, Michael J. Matte, Olivia Pontiff & Diamond Williams
Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment TeamCity CouncilJi Y. Daily
Recreation Advisory CommissionCity Councilman Thomas Hooks (District 4)Judy Placer