City Council issues Pride proclamation

Three City Council members signed onto a proclamation Friday, formally observing June as Pride Month, a period of visibility for the LGBTQ+ community.

Advocates have sought recognition from Lafayette Consolidated Government for several years, pointing to the dozens of proclamations made for various interest groups and cultural celebrations. The City Council has been the lone body to make the proclamation since 2022.

Council members Liz Hebert, a Republican, Elroy Broussard and Kenneth Boudreaux, both Democrats, signed the 2024 proclamation. Republicans Thomas Hooks and Andy Naquin did not.

Former Mayor-President Josh Guillory declined to recognize Pride Month despite the entreaties. Current Mayor-President Monique Boulet, who defeated Guillory largely with support from city voters, has been conspicuously silent as to whether she would support or refuse a Pride proclamation.

Pride Acadiana, Lafayette's Pride festival, happens June 29 in Downtown Lafayette.