See Straight News Online's 2023 Hub Citizen Budget Guide

Illustration of person at a podium with charts and graphs

Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory's proposed budget for next year is out, and our award-winning budget guide is updated with new info for Lafayette Consolidated Government's annual budget process.

The release of Guillory's proposal for next year's budget kicks off a months-long series of public hearings on how Lafayette should spend more than $200 million of local tax revenue. With Guillory's plan in hand, the city and parish councils will set to work making amendments and adjustments to the proposal during public meetings this month.

LCG's annual budget amounts to more than $700 million, and how we spend that money reflects our priorities for local government. The annual budget process is the opportunity for citizens to scrutinize and weigh-in on what our community's priorities are and where out local tax dollars should go.

Budget meetings will be held at City-Parish Hall throughout August, including an opportunity to offer public comments on the spending plan at the city and parish councils' Aug. 22 meeting. The councils are scheduled to vote on a final version of next year's budget at their Sep. 14 meeting.