Want young voters to stay? Try listening to them

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Lafayette’s got a ton of potential. We believe in it. Locals want more out of their community, but they’re not sure our leaders are listening.

This month, we gathered some Hub Citizens to talk about what’s holding Lafayette back. Over wine and empanadas — courtesy of Wild Child Wines and Lana’s Empanadas — we heard some not-so-surprising themes.

  • Our infrastructure needs vast improvement, especially to reduce flooding and help people get around without cars
  • The job market can be too narrow and places with higher wages and more industries look more appealing.
  • The insurance and housing crisis gripping the state is making home ownership feel more and more out of reach

Those have been consistent concerns since we started asking for input from young voters.

We heard something new from readers this time: they feel unheard.

At our May event, we tried something a little playful. We asked voters to finish this sentence: Lafayette is a 10 but…

The clear takeaway is that young voters don’t feel like their interests are represented. Hub Citizen’s goal in the 2023 election is to change that.

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