Can I track my mail-in ballot in Lafayette Parish?

Photo by Cindy Shebley via Creative Commons

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Reader Question: Can you tell me if it’s possible to track a mail-in ballot in Lafayette the way it is in some states? Given all that’s going on with the Post Office, I want to make sure my ballot has arrived.

Answer: Yes. Louisiana’s voter portal tracks when the registrar of voters received your mail-in ballot and whether it counted. Log in to your voter portal here. Click Check Absentee Ballot Status. Some basic tracking info is available there. 

Check out Election Guide 2020 for more info and resources.

Remember, if there’s a problem with your ballot — don’t tear the flap! — the registrar may contact you to “cure” it so it can be counted. Otherwise, the fate of the ballot is up to the Board of Election Supervisors.

Here are the three most common errors on Louisiana mail-in ballots:

  • No voter signature
  • No witness signature
  • Security envelope flap is detached